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A love affaire… And a superb restoration

In 2014, Bernard Canonne, a businessman from Franche Comté who had previously owned vines in Saint Emilion, fell in love with Prieuré Marquet. He quickly acquired the property and its magnificent manor house.

The latter is an architectural jewel that he has restored with great respect and imagination.

As for the vineyard, he immediately realised that it had exceptional potential.

He entrusted the general management of the property to Paul Junet, a winegrower-consultant oenologist skilled in a responsive, meticulous approach to vineyard care and obtaining the best possible expression of the terroir.

Two outstanding vintages

The property’s wines have gained in precision since 2014, with a rich 2015, whose style offers a judicious blend of dark fruit and freshness that give this sun-soaked vintage admirable balance. Château Prieuré Marquet 2015 received much praise. It was awarded a silver medal at the 2018 Brussels International Competition, and also qualified for the 2018 International Wine Challenge.

Most recently, it won the Prix d’Excellence at the 2018 Vinalies Nationales.

It is now the 2016 vintage that is impressing tasters.

This wine has found just the right balance between delicate notes of white flowers and a shimmering spicy roundness (pepper, liquorice). The extremely fine texture of the tannins gives it a wonderful silkiness.

This is a serious, structured wine, but which is also very generous on the palate. Its exceptional quality is likely to be quickly recognized!

Bernard Canonne had already had a resounding success with the opening to the public of the Chartreuse-style manor house: a prestigious residence that has rapidly seduced an international clientele with its elegance and comfort.

However, what he has managed in the vineyard and winery in just a few vintages is even more impressive...

The Vineyard

Prieuré Marquet’s vines are spread over the commune of Saint Martin du Bois and the surrounding area, in the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation.

From an initial three hectares, production has now been increased to thirteen. One grape variety reigns supreme: MERLOT gives the wines a superb silkiness on the palate.

Château Prieuré Marquet also grows other grape varieties, enabling it to offer an interesting range of wines with diverse characters.

“To observe and listen to nature, so as to work more effectively by its side, and be rewarded with the best that it has to offer”, is the motto applied by Paul Junet, winegrower-oenologist consultant, on a daily basis.

South-facing on a pleasant hillside, the vines are planted on deep clay that enables the soil to provide an optimal amount of water, which is regulated naturally depending on the vines’ requirements.

This feature, coupled with all the tasks carried out in the vineyard, enable the grapes to achieve a complex maturity, giving Château Prieuré Marquet its unique character.

Consisting of 100% Merlot, the vines are between 15 and 20 years-old, and are managed according to sustainable agriculture principles.

The first major task in the vineyard is pruning. Very aware that while it is necessary to prune the vines in order to produce grapes, we are nevertheless “wounding” them, we take great care to treat these wounds and allow the vines to reach their full potential.

Our philosophy is to understand and live with nature : this year we left the damaged grapes to be taken away by the ants - an initiative that, along with many others, requires a great deal of labour for each plot.

We “accompany” our vines to produce wines with great personality

Each harvest requires a different approach to the vinification and ageing of the wine.

Once again, the rules are not set in stone, there is just one principle: respect and accompany nature!

It is the vintage that determines the wine!

The wines are aged in 350 litre barrels and 60 hectolitre stainless-steel vats for 12 to 18 months, sometimes more, depending on the wines’ potential - each wine having a capacity to age for 5 to 20 years.

Each vintage has gained in precision and balance since 2014. Every year, the nature of the harvest determines the character of the vines that will be made under the Château Prieuré Marquet, La Chartreuse de Prieuré Marquet and Rosé de Prieuré Marquet labels.

All of Château Prieuré Marquet’s wines have a very distinctive personality. They are characterized by density, freshness on the palate and exceptional length. Each vintage is enriched with different nuances, aromas and flavours, sometimes linked to work in the vineyard and sometimes to the effect of nature over the course of the year.

This distinctive personality is guaranteed to place the property’s wines among the front ranks of the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation.

Our new vintage

Bernard Canonne, owner, and Paul Junet, winegrower-consultant oenologist, work together to create original wines.

For each wine, they seek this distinctive personality that characterizes their philosophy, achieved by accompanying and enhancing what nature offers with the passing seasons.

“My inspiration comes from listening to nature and to people, respecting the potential that it offers, and suggestions for how to best accompany this potential, appreciating creativity whether it comes from nature or from work in the vineyard.” (Natural Wine Concept: Luc Barusseau)

Since the 2018 vintage, were born:

  • A WHITES DUO (blend of Sauvignon and Chardonnay)

The objective with these wines is to offer pleasure, finesse and elegance, combined with a constant desire to surprise and/or to reinterpret the classics.

“We’ll let you be the judge!” ...