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You will definitely enjoy your stay at the castle to visit our vineyard and winery. The Prieuré Marquet wines is foremost a land, generous and ideally exposed. There are also men who work the vines with passion and respect.

An attentive viticulture, concerned with the most perfect expression of the terroir.

The vineyard of the "Maison noble de Marquet", as well as its castle, was initially owned by Charles-Antoine de la Roche-Aymon, one of the highest personages of the France kingdom. Cardinal and Grand Chaplain of France, he became the confessor of King Louis XV. A few decades later, it was he who consecrated King Louis XVI, in Reims, on June 11, 1775.


The 15 hectares of vineyards plots extend on the Saint-Martin-du-Bois village and its surroundings. The vineyard is currently exploited in Merlot grapes.

The sunshine of the hillside facing South is balanced by a floor to clay cast, a clay to smectites having the property to store water to return it drop by drop to the vine.

This natural water regulation is a precious contribution of freshness for the vine in dry and hot period. This terroir confers on the wines a freshness and a singular charm.

The quintessential terroir

Our estate produces red wine and rosé. The Prieuré Marquet wines, at the very opposite of standardization, favors precision, fruitiness, finesse and elegance.

Rouge Millésime 2015


Rosé millésime 2016





The Prieuré Marquet wines are the result of a work conducted with passion, seriousness and pleasure. Bernard Canonne, the estate owner, entrusted the responsibility of the destiny of this exceptional wine heritage to Luc Barusseau, an oenologist. The vineyard work is conducted by a well-reasoned farming, a sensitive approach to sustainability and respect for the environment.

We ensure the wine raising in our cellars, from the entrance of the grapes in the cellar until it is bottled. The winemaking is carried out in stainless steel vats and thermo-regulated casks.

It is followed by aging in barrels (from 15 to 18 months).

La qualité récompensée

Les médailles sont décernées aux vins qui auront séduits le jury par leurs qualités organoleptiques exceptionnelles, elles permettent au consommateur d’acheter en toute confiance une référence de qualité.

C'est dans cette démarche d'exigence que le vin Château Prieuré marquet 2015 (Bordeaux Supérieur) a obtenu la médaille d'argent lors du concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018, du Challange International du Vin 2018 et le prix d'excellence lors des Vilanies Nationales de 2018.

La Chartreuse de Prieuré Marquet est également récompensée de la médaille d'argent du concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018